O3 Ozone (ИП Репина Лариса Кенсариновна)

Страна: Russia

Год основания: 1997

Founded in 1997, O3 Ozone is known as Russian manufacturer of high-technological garments for active sports. The O3 Ozone fundamental mission remains unchanged since 1997: developing and producing the best apparel for active and outdoor to satisfy specific requirements of athletes. Our product presents a perfect combination of latest fashion trends, environmental friendliness, usage of high-quality materials and innovative production technologies.

Основной офис

  • Время работы

    Пн - Пт с 08:00 по 17:00
    Сб - Вс выходной

  • Телефоны

    +7 (863) 266-72-76
    +7 (988) 565-71-91
    +7 (863) 223-06-14

  • info@o3o.ru Shop@o3o.ru www.o3o.ru