20 May 2015

Family sport festival "Krepky Oreshek 2015"

Annual family touristic and sport festival will take place on the shore of lake Nyrkovo on May 30-31, 2015.

Location: near rail road station Orekhovo (Priozersky region) on the shores of lakes Kapel'ka and Nyrkovo

Date: May 30-31, 2015

Every year in May a team of enthusiasts organizes Family sport festival for all those who are new to family camping and outdoor fun. The main goal is to introduce families to a healthy and fun way of spending quality time together outdoors.

All contests and sports games played during Festival are suited for young and untrained participants who aren't professional athletes or backpackers.

All participants will be granted a certificate of participation. The winners of contests will receive prizes from Festival sponsors.

Who can participate? Families of 3+ people that include 1 male adult (15+ years old), 1 female adult (15+ years old) and 1 child (1-14 years old).

Please, register in advance. You can register and pay participation fee starting May 14 though May 22 at one of sport gear stores in St. Petersburg.

More information about Family sport festival can be found here: http://vk.com/krepkiyoreshek

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