19 January 2016

Yaroslavl Knitting Factory is one of the leading enterprises of light industry.

Dear friends!

Today Yaroslavl Knitting Factory is one of the leading enterprises of light industry. Modern equipment, qualified staff and reliable partners are our terms of success! If you are engaged in thermal underwear and functional clothes, our factory is a reliable manufacturer in Russia! We are devoted to our work with heart and soul!

We will be glad to welcome managers, engineers and other technicians to get acquainted with our capabilities and to carry on negotiations.

Evgeniy Kreitsberg

CEO of Yaroslavl knitting factory

Our factory is one of the leading Russian factories of a full cycle production of cloth and thermal underwear for famous brands.

Our capabilities:

• Production of thermal underwear of various functions: for sport, for hunting and fishing, for the market of workwear & outdoor clothes

• Production of special underwear for soldiers

• Production of fire-resistant underwear and with protection against electric arc

• Production of various kinds of fabrics - interlock, rib, footer, jersy, one-, two- and three-layer thermal fabrics, 100 % merino wool fabrics, synthetic and blended yarns with 3-D effect

• Sewing services from the client’s fabrics

• Additional services: development and design of patterns, embroidery, thermal transfer printing, screen printing

Our advantages:

• Professional experience and knowledge (we are engaged in production of thermal underwear for over 10 years)

• Exceptionally individual approach to each client

• Flexible cooperation conditions

• Design and manufacture of products in small sets

• Reasonable prices, seasonal discounts

• Certificates of quality for products and cloth

Knitting production

Knitting production is equipped with circular knitters of 18, 22, 24, 28 gages: Orizio, Pilotelli, Mayer & Cie. It produces such fabrics as jarsy, interlock, rib, footer, and multi layer fabrics. The main issue is the two and three-layer fabric, combining synthetic, blanded and natural row materials.

Dyeing and finishing production

Dyeing and finishing production is fitted with the equipment for dyeing and finishing of different complexity. The workshop is equipped with Bruckner, Santex, Ferraro, Gematex, Thies, and other brands equipment. Fabrics can be treated with antibacterial, insecticide and softening impregnation to improve its consumer properties. There is equipment for napping smooth and lined fabrics.

There is also high-tech equipment for metallization of synthetic knitted fabrics by ion-plasma spraying!

Yaroslavl Knitting Factory

Yaroslavl, Polushkina Roshcha street, 5, +7(4852) 58-16-45




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