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07 августа 2014

Below is the current list of exhibitors of 21 Ski&Board Salon and SKI BUILD EXPO - 2014! as of 01.07.2014

Hereby, we are bringing to your attention the information about the exhibition  XXI Moscow Ski&Board Salon.  Moscow, Gostiny Dvor


Project Concept 

For such mountain-related industries as mountain and Alpine tourism, sports business, manufacturing and selling of clothes and outfits for Alpine skiing and snowboarding, design, planning, construction, and maintenance of mountain resorts and mountain objects, Moscow Ski&Board Salon is Russia’s key expo event not to be missed by any means.

Moscow Ski&Board Salon is the place where each year we see the dialogue between the lovers of active lifestyle and the representatives of the world-renowned sports brands, tourism industry professionals, mountain resorts, and national tourist offices, and Russian ski resorts and the world’s leading ski resorts development, engineering, and construction companies.

At the same time, Moscow Ski&Board Salon is a unique and unforgettable show, and a place where the lovers of extreme sports congregate. Every year, the organizers, within the framework of the exhibition, do the large-scale sports contests, already including such events as World Rock-Climbing Cup, Jib Contest on the mountain with natural snow, skaters halfpipe contest, BMX-contests, and Big Air contest.  The exhibition enlightens the masses about the athletic lifestyle, simultaneously demonstrating to the professionals the possibilities of combining a b2b event with show and promo venues.


Sections of Moscow Ski&Board Salon:



-         Tourism and leisure activities in the mountains  

-         Ski resorts investment projects

-         Mountain resorts and infrastructure

-         Hotels and service

-         Sports and tourist press and media

-         Sports tourism insurance


Construction and development of ski resorts / Ski Build Expo:


-         Snowcats

-         Automation of ropeways and chairlifts

-         Planning and design of all-season mountain resorts

-         Service and rental of skiing equipment

-         Sledge tracks equipment

-         Conditioning, ventilation, climate control

-         Snowmaking systems

-         Master plan development, supplying of equipment

-        Industrial expertise



-         Skiwear and snowboard wear

-         Equipment for classic skis, mountaineering, ice skates, paragliders

-         OUTDOOR Equipment

-         Trekking shoes

-         Telecommunication

-         Rescue and salvage

-         Sports retail stores

-         Skiing and mountaineering clubs


Exhibitors /  21 Ski&Board Salon and Ski Build Expo 2014



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