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17 ноября 2014

La Sportiva Party in Saint Petersburg!

Since first La Sportiva climbing party that was held in late fall 2012 everyone has been asking whether and when there would be another one. After some deliberation we finally made a dream come true and on October 18 the second La Sportiva climbing party was held. 

We had lots of fun on that cold autumn day. Here are some of the pictures from the event http://www.lasportiva.ru/articles/la-sportiva-party-2014-sostoyalas.html

Especially for the climbing party Skalatoria has prepared new climbing routes, and some of them were designed for specific climbing shoes. Several new routes for beginners were marked La Sportiva Oxygym, meaning that you should try climbing them in Oxygym shoes for better climbing experience. There also were routes for La Sportiva Futura and routes for La Sportiva Solution. Thanks to our host who held exciting and funny competitions everyone had a chance to try and do their best on the climbing walls. 

After contests we had a chance to be the first to see Artyom Petrakov's new video 'Leather Nose' about his first ascend of hardest Russian boulder problem at Triangular lake. It was a great day and great party. 


We are looking forward to seeing you soon on next La Sportiva climbing party that will be held on December 20 in Saint Petersburg! 





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