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29 апреля 2015

The whole... or almost the whole information about the benefits of Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Ski Build Expo for the manufacturers

The exhibition was organized in Gostiny Dvor in the early high skiing season (October 23-25, 2015). The exhibition consists of three parts: sport, tourism, and mountain engineering.

Several ways of searching and getting the information:

1. The search engine on the official website of Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Ski Build Expo www.skiexpo.ru

2. The online the catalogue of Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Ski Build Expo


In the search system, you can fiter down the companis according to the type of the business:




Ski Build Expo


Make selection of «your very own» mountain builder according to the criteria:




ALL the participants of the projects Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Ski Build Expo publish on abonus basis their newsbreaks and announcements!


Want to be in the catalogue and get a bonus?


E A S Y!


Your options:


1. Correspondence participation / stand participation in Moscow Ski&Board Salon Ski Build Expo 

2. Participation in the collective stands

3. Booking of an «image» stand




22 Moscow Ski&Board Salon — Ski Build Expo — 2015 (23.10-25.10.2015, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor)




All the data is based on the information from the exhibitors/partners of Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Ski Build Expo over the past few years.


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