Non-profit association of outdoor goods and services distributors - Russian Outdoor Group

It was founded to help develop outdoor and sports goods market

Main purposes of association:

  • Promotion and advertising of active leisure and healthy lifestyle, environment protection; establishment of favorable conditions for professional and amateur sports, camping and outdoor enthusiasts;

  • Facilitating growth of good will of Russian outdoor and sports goods on international market; increasing Russian participation in international trade collaboration in outdoor; establishment of international professional and business contacts;

  • Cooperation with government institutions on different levels, NGOs and benevolent associations in realization of programs which goals coincide with those of ROG;

  • Facilitating development of manufacturing and production facilities for producing outdoor and sports goods in Russia;

  • Increasing professional and technical level of knowledge, modernization of production facilities of outdoor and sports goods in Russia;

  • Support and legal defence of copyrights of Association’s members, fighting with counterfeit products on the market.