19 June 2015

Russian Outdoor Village

July 15-18, the international Outdoor Show in Germany is going to feature the "Russian Outdoor Village" (stands B5107 and B5109). This project unites the Russian companies that produce the outdoor clothing, outfit, and equipment, as well as the related parts and materials, on the territory of the Russian Federation. The exposition is going to showcase the outdoor product made in Russia. 

Every year, Outdoor Show gathers the top industry professionals of the world's outdoor business. Thousands of unique items of outdoor clothes, footwear, outfit, furniture, and materials will be exhibited. The outdoor goods market serves the mountaineering, trekking, extreme sports, police and armed forces, rescue and salvage teams, arctic services, and other high-risk fields of human activity that require the necessary safety outfit and equipment, as well as dependable protective clothing. It is at this very show that we see the outdoor materials and gear grow ever more technology and ecology friendly - and the Russian companies do have a lot to show to the rest of the world. 

In 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation in collaboration with "ROG" (Russian Outdoor Group, www.r-o-g.ru), made the business decision about organizing the Russian Outdoor Village within the framework of this expo forum. The primary objectives of "Russian Outdoor Village" held at Outdoor Show 2015 consist not only in making a statement about Russia having its own dependable manufacturers of world-class outdoor product but also in boosting the image of the Russian outdoor brands in general. Exhibiting at Outdoor Show will raise the competitiveness of Russia's outdoor product on the global market. 

Within the framework of Outdoor Show, business meetings and negotiations with the industry visitors and potential buyers will be held; the Russian companies will have the opportunity to learn first-hand what the competition is doing, as well as to meet with potential partners and to see the new products, materials, and technologies. 

The Russian companies will exhibit the warm outdoor-wear, including the kind specifically designed for extreme low temperatures, as well as natural and artificial insulation materials and heat-retainers, ultra-light outdoor clothes, mountaineering boots, mountaineering equipment, ropes, camping outfit (sleeping bags, tents), rucksacks, and rafting outfit. 

The show sets the entire vector of development for the world's outdoor industry for the whole season, providing an opportunity not only to showcase one's product but to establish new business ties with the world's leading outdoor specialists at the meetings and conferences. 

The business program of Russian Outdoor Village held at Outdoor 2015 includes meetings with the representatives of EUROPEAN OUTDOOR GROUP, SOG, IOG, European Outdoor Conservation, IMS, with the organizers of Outdoor Show, with the world's largest manufacturers of materials, insulators, and hardware GORE, TORAY, Primaloft, Pertex, YKK, Invista, Schoeller, Polartec, SympaTex, Nexuse, Duraflex, 3M, with the representatives of the industry media, Decathlon and Adidas distribution networks, and with the European design bureaus.


The world's largest trade show for outdoor industry. 

Founded: 1994

Country: Germany

Held once a year

The next edition: July 15-18, 2015

Sign up for the business meetings: 

Anastasia Parafilo / salonexpo@mail.ru / more

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