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01 июня 2015

22-nd Moscow Ski&Board Salon - Ski Build Expo 2015

Dear exhibitors and visitors of 22th Moscow Ski&Board Salon and industry exhibition Ski Build Expo 2015!

22-nd Moscow Ski&Board Salon - Ski Build Expo 2015

22nd Moscow Ski&Board Salon - Ski Build Expo 2015

October 23-25, 2015

Moscow, Gostiny Dvor, Ilinka 4, "Ploshchad' Revolutsii" and "Kitay-Gorod" metro stations /



Dear friends! Dear business-colleagues!
Each year in October, everybody who cares for skiing, snowboarding, traveling, active recreation and sports, comes to Moscow Ski&Board Salon in Gostiny Dvor exhibition center in Moscow, Russia. Traditionally, Moscow Ski&Board Salon consists of three major parts - the tourist segment, the sport goods segment, and the "Ski Build Expo", "show within a show" dedicated to mountain engineering and construction.
Moscow Ski&Board Salon has been around for more than two decades. It is almost the same age as the post-soviet Russia - not an old man yet, but no longer a kid.
Lots of things happened over these years: what was going on in the industry was reflected in our show. "Moscow Ski&Board Salon is the mirror of the industry".
We have been always actively searching for the different forms of work - both inside and outside Moscow Ski&Board Salon:
• Regional "Ski Build Expo" workshops 
• "Summer in the Mountains" / "Active Summer" conferences
• Information tours organized together with the regional travel companies
• All-year round Internet platforms at www.skiexpo.ru and at our pages on social media sites
You can learn more about our side projects here / thanks to our official photographer Ruslan Pereteatico. 
"Work inside Moscow Ski&Board Salon": we offer our exhibitors different forms of participation – starting from "Duty Free" area of retail booths to integrating into the project "Mountains of Russia" (since 2005). Our joint projects with SKI.RU website literally adorned the amphitheater zone. Not to mention the communication within the framework of various conferences and panel discussions - with our active co-organizers, our colleagues from "Sport B2B" publishers!
There is no substitute for the joy of meeting your friends, partners, and business colleagues! 

IMPORTANT for the season of 2015!

We are all tired of hearing about the crisis and how hard it is overcoming its consequences! Sooner or later it will be over, and we will adjust to the new realities! Many of our partners have even learned to benefit from the crisis! Trying to handle the challenging economic situation, we joined forces with the exhibition of real property "Domexpo" (http://domexpo.ru/). We hope that this proximity will be a pleasant one; all the activity zones will be there where you are used to finding them.
Join the pool of the exhibitors of Moscow Ski&Board Salon! As always, we are open to the dialogue with every player of the market, we welcome and ready to support any creative projects within the framework of Moscow Ski&Board Salon. And do not forget that the three days of the fair mean a whole year of the business activity of your colleagues and partners.
23 - 25.10, 2015, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor
Moscow Ski&Board Salon is the largest trade show in Eastern Europe, CIS countries and Russia, dedicated to winter sports, tourism, and active recreation. In 2015, it will take place for the 22nd time around.
Segments of Moscow Ski&Board Salon:
• Mountain tourism
• Investment projects at ski and mountain resorts
• Mountain resorts and their infrastructure
• Hotel service
• Sport and tourist press
• Insurance of the sport tourism
• Turnstiles and access systems
• Snowgroomers
• Automation the transport passenger systems / cableways and hoists
• Planning and designing mountain-skiing and all-season complexes
• Equipment for rental and service of the mountain-skiing equipment
• Equipment for the sleigh slopes
• The systems of conditioning, ventilation, climate control
• Snowmaking systems
• Calculation, selection, production and the delivery of the equipment
• Expertise, registration
• Skis and snowboards
• Equipment for skis and snowboards
• Classic skis
• Mountain tourism
• Rock-climbing
• Ice skates
• Outdoor Equipment
• Trekking and mountaineering boots
• Telecommunication in the mountains
• Rescue and salvage
• Sport stores
• Mountain skiing and mountaineering clubs and associations
• The show features over 200 exhibitors from 17 countries: Ski Build Expo - 47%, sport goods - 31%, travel companies + mountain-skiing complexes and hotels - 32%.
• Each year, Moscow Ski&Board Salon attracts over 10 000 visitors - the lovers of sports and active recreation, active young people that set the trends in the sports communities, leaders of the sport companies, managers of travel companies, managers of sport stores, and representatives of mountain resorts.
• Moscow Ski&Board Salon is the most-visited exhibition in Gostiny Dvor
• Exhibition area: 12 000 square meters
• Moscow Ski&Board Salon has a 22-year history; the first exhibition took place in 1993.
• For the first time in the history of Russia, Moscow Ski&Board Salon featured an indoor artificial ski slope. Also, for the first time in history of Russia, Moscow Ski&Board Salon hosted a stage of the Rock-climbing World Cup.
Ski Build Expo - Construction of mountain resorts / mountain engineering
October 23 to 25, 2015, within the framework of the 22nd Moscow Ski&Board Salon
Already for almost ten years, Moscow Ski&Board Salon features "Ski Build Expo", a "show within a show", Russia's first expo project dedicated to the construction of mountain resorts and mountain engineering.
Ski Build Expo – facts and figures:
• Ski Build Expo is Russia's unique expo project dedicated to mountain engineering.
• In the fall of 2015, Ski Build Expo will take place for the 16th time
• Participants of "Ski Build Expo": Russian and foreign companies specializing in planning, construction, and operation of ski and mountain resorts
• Visitors of Ski Build Expo: representatives of investment companies, construction companies, and technical departments and services of ski and mountain resorts
Program of the 22nd  Moscow Ski&Board Salon / Ski Build Expo 
b2b program 
Summit of the directors of sport stores
International business forum of Mountain Resorts
b2c program
Why is it worth coming with your children to Moscow Ski&Board Salon? Children's area
Tubing route with the "green snow" all-season coating
demonstration of the technologies "Skating 365 days a year in any weather!"
FS314, GazKos and SlackLabs will showcase the AREA and STUDIO of SAFE EXTREME
Musical Festival
More: photo galleries, news from participants, online catalogues, serch function, advertising on the entrance tickets, the even program are available at www.skiexpo.ru and www.skibuild.ru.
 +7 (926)448-02-10  
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